My Show is in 2 Days!

My show at The Seamonster is in only 2 days!  I really hope you can make it out!

The Fabric Of The Cosmos

I'm currently reading Brian Greene's The Fabric Of The Cosmos and I find it amazing.  It's about  space, time, cosmology (the study of the history of the cosmos) and now I'm finally getting to the part about string theory, which is like the beginning of the book's end.

Even though it's a book for beginners, this stuff can still get dense.  Definitely not material I can just read for relaxation before going to bed.  Instead, I have to focus hard and I even find myself underlining sections.  I know that is geeky but hey, I want to comprehend the material, not just read it.  By underlining stuff, I can go back when I forget details about a theory and easily find the important parts. 

When I started this, I actually told myself I would read it like I would any other book.  I wanted to get it done, have a vague idea of what's going on in the universe and then continue reading fiction.  I should have known that wasn't likely.  I can't help it, I want to retain this information.  So here I am, reading it like a student who has an exam the next day, then watching youtube videos and such so I can better understand the concepts.

The funny thing is, even if I understand a good amount of the material, I'll still be nothing more than a beginner, but at least I'll have an ok idea of how the universe works.  That's all I want, I'm not going for the Nobel prize. 

Rapping Over Your Own Beats

This statement by Evidence is kinda how I feel about rapping over my own beats.  It's pretty coo cuz before you even finish the beat, you can envision how the song will end up:

Then again, I'm also a firm believer in making your shit hot enough that anyone will feel it, so they don't have to see your vision.  They just like it anyways.  That's why I usually try to finish a beat completely before I write to it. 


I realized some lame stuff last night.  The drums have been off in most of my old beats.  I guess I didn't put the swing on them right and, for some reason, I can't quite figure out how to fix it.  So that means I'm not even gonna bother turning most of my old beats into songs, what is the point of recording to them if the drums are off? 

The good news is now I know how to make my drums right and I think I can do it correctly every time from now on.  So I learned a ton in the process but it is still pretty annoying that alot of these beats are messed up.  Since I have to make a bunch of new beats now, I honestly  don't have a clue when I'll be putting any new music out.  Oh well, I guess it is just a learning process. 

At least I have 6 gigs in my Imac now and I bought this program called Nexus that makes some pretty amazing sounds.  I also been posting my beats online and getting feedback, which is helping alot. 

What's Been up w/ Me

I just got back from a show at The Comet.  I was watching cats perform and also promoting this show I have coming up on May 12 at The Seamonster, in Wallingford. 

Ugh sometimes I feel like I have no online presence at all, but somehow people keep checking this website so at least I got that goin on still. 

I been kickin it with this cat named Apostropheus , who's been mad coo to me puttin me on shows and things.  Actually my show coming up on may 12 is with him so if ya go to that show, you will see him too.  He gave me his EP and I'm gonna blog about it, prolly on my next post.

Other than that, I've been hard at work makin beats.  I'm learning how to make drums similar to how Dream has them.  Speaking of Dream, have u seen his new video?  It's hot I think he's really goin hard right now!

who do music all day?

dope track from one of my favorites of the new guys.  Charles Hamilton is really inspiring to me cuz he makes his own beats, and does the raps.  That used to be the case with Solja Boy but nowadays Solja don't even make his beats anymore.  He just goes to other producers.  So much for that. 

You gotta love producers on the mic.  Oh this sample is so ill too i love it.

New Super Street Fighter 4

Oh this is too dope.  Just Blaze made a beat for the ad for this new Street Fighter game.  You know the beat will probly be in the game too, while you're playing I mean. 

Just Blaaaaaaze

This is How it Went Down

My show last Thursday was pretty cool.  Here is a photo of the kicks from the show:

Shouts to Death Star for bringin' out a good crowd! 

I also met this cool girl who takes really good photos.  She helped me out a ton by getting some dope photos so I definitely owe her big. 

She was walking around the venue and outside the venue all night, taking pics whenever she saw a good opportunity, which happened to be every couple minutes. 

I imagine taking lots of photos is a huge part of getting some great pics, since you're probably going to trash most of them.  It's cool to see someone working hard purely out of the love for their art. 

You can see her work at : http://www.tkwphoto.com

2 Days in Spokane for Passover

Just spent the past 2 days kickin it in Spokane for Passover.  It was a good time overall.  Bomb food as always. 

The Gefilte fish is always one of my favorite parts.  For those who have never had it, there really is no way to describe it.  It just tastes different.  In the same way that rye bread tastes different from other types of bread, gefilte fish is just kind of a strange taste.  It also is definitely something you have to get used to.  It's one of those foods I used to hate as a kid, but now have come around and I really love it.

Here is a pic I took for the blog: 

(ok I'll admit I got this pic off the internet)

can't sleep

I'm sitting here tryin to get ready for my show tonight.  I should be sleeping but I can't fall asleep.  I figured I would take the extra time to try to get yall out to the show!  Please come thru, I go on at around 10:30pm.  I think I'm gonna perform the song in the background of my slideshow which you should really watch if you haven't yet, cuz it's dope. The link is right here.

I'm tryin to get 50 views on it ha I know that doesn't sound like much but whatever.  It's good to have goals I figure, even if they're miniscule.